Lisbon Under Stars (Immersive Light Show) by OCUBO CRIATIVO
2018 - 2019, Golden A' Cultural Heritage and Culture Industry Design Award Winner
OCUBO felt the urge to present this virtual journey through 600 years of Portuguese history the show during the European Year of Cultural Heritage. An audiovisual immersive experience, whose creative idea is to bring life to the Church, assuming it as the principal character. Here we can witness the history of a country in one of the monuments that represents timelessness, enriched with the participation of Portuguese artists from diverse fields of arts, which gave the show a special sensibility.
This is a multidisciplinary project that gathered multimedia projections, virtual dancers and visual effects on the walls of the church, which have been transformed into three dimensional screens. They became a home for dancers, singers, painters and multimedia artists, which have been filmed in studio, and transformed in coherent multimedia work. Another specific was that the public can move freely around location and see the show from different perspectives, making an experience unique to each visitor.
Design Challenges
Create a storyline that enlightened the 600 years narrative in an accessible way to a wide range of public. Another challenge was to create a bilingual show without being too heavy, as well as keeping the narration in a voice of poetry, but telling historical facts. Lisbon Under Stars was a challenge for a company, that offered the first paid video mapping immersive show in Portugal.
Production Technology
The show was scripted, filmed, edited and produced by OCUBO team. The production applied several techniques that are used and featured in movie industry to the field of video mapping. The show required a use of 13 projectors, which is one of the largest shows OCUBO has produced in Portugal.
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