Pretty Little Things (Art Installation) by Beck Storer
2018 - 2019, Golden A' Graphics and Visual Communication Design Award Winner
The world of medical research, when viewed through a microscope, is one of wonder and beauty where nature and biology can be seen in the most delicate and intricate forms. Tiny cells, a cluster of embryos, organisms multiplying - these are the unique views seen through the researcher’s lens. It can be a beautiful and breathtaking view not often seen by members of the public. Pretty Little Things is a collaboration with the University of Melbourne that celebrates and explores this beauty, re-interpreting microscopic images contributed by students, staff and researchers, into modern abstract patterns through the blasts of a vibrant fluorescent colour palette.
The project glows in the dark! Parts of the installation we selected certain parts of the artwork to highlight and embellish individual sections of the patterns we created. And its big - over 250 meters long! Scale and a bright colour palette plays a large role in this artwork. Combined together, the glow in the dark embellishments, scale and colour palette are used to reinterpret scientific imagery into a dynamic visual narrative.
Design Challenges
Pretty Little Things is part of Melbourne's Metro Tunnel Creative Program - a program that is dedicated to enhancing city life alongside the construction of the Metro Tunnel - a major development to our existing underground train system. The project is on a particular site that at times can be dark and is walked through by thousands every day. The challenge? How do we create this site to be engaging, light and memorable while the surrounding environment is being transformed?
Production Technology
The adhesive fluro vinyl we sourced for this project had never been used for a traditional print project - it's normally used for decals and signage. Working together with our production partners we created a solution that enable us to print directly onto this material in an economical way, reducing material wastage and unnecessary costs. Solvent UV inks were used to print on the vinyl using a wide format digital printer.
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