Arch (Ring) by yumiko yoshikawa
2018 - 2019, Golden A' Jewelry, Eyewear and Watch Design Award Winner
I took my motivation and name for the arch ring from the arch structure. The arch has been used throughout history to bridge two locations. It holds structures like bridges that allow people to travel between cultures and aqueducts that transport life-sustaining water. A rainbow also has an arch shape. The rainbow is a symbol of dreaming. The viewer sits at the beginning of the rainbow and envisions a bright and prosperous future at its end. The drop shape arm was chosen to hold the arch shape for its aesthetic appeal and functionality. I hope that the Arch ring can inspire strength and dreams in the wearer.
Two motifs – an arch shape and a drop shape, are combined to create a single 3 dimensional form. By combining minimal lines and forms and utilizes simple and common motifs, the result is a simple and elegant ring that is bold and playful by providing space that allows energy and rhythm to flow. From different angles the shape of the ring changes – the drop shape is viewed from front angle, the arch shape is viewed from side angle, and a cross is viewed from top angle. This provides stimulation to the wearer.
Design Challenges
Because of the gap between the top space of the ring and the finger, guidelines for sizing the ring needed to be developed. After the data collection from actual fitting, it has been determined that the ring needs to be made smaller by a certain size to offer the equivalent ring size. The sizing is controlled with the drop shape arm and the meeting point of 2 arch top ends at the top of circumference of circle within a drop shape. For rings with pearls, the touch points are adjusted inward of the circumference to reflect a smaller and smoother surface compared to the metal end version.
Production Technology
First a brass trial ring was hand-made to test wearability. Next, the silver master model, based on a paper design, was made by hand and a mold was then taken from it. The 18K gold ring was casted from the mold. In general the Arch ring is sized at the final stage to take account of the pearl size and shape of arch top and drop arm.
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