Kurio (Modular Shelfing System) by Markus Hofko
2018 - 2019, Golden A' Furniture, Decorative Items and Homeware Design Award Winner
The basic idea is inspired by the Cabinets Of Curiosities (hence the name Kurio) of the late renaissance. These wooden cabinets were shelfing systems with various boxes of different sizes, to hold objects of wonder from all around the world and juxtapose them in intriguing arrangements. These and similar concepts of showcases of the 70s and 80s were fixed in their design. Kurio in comparison is a modular system and can be changed and re-arranged with ease.
Kurio is a unique and versatile shelf-board system with a regular grid of slits holding elegant thin aluminium panels. These panels can be placed in any order and interconnect when tucked together vertically and horizontally. This system does not require any screws or tools and allows for an instant change of the layout. Board and panels are available in various colours and sizes giving the freedom to create various looks. Kurio can be expanded by interconnection with any other Kurio.
Design Challenges
Finding the perfect balance between minimalist/elegant design and functionality/longevity. The aim was to keep the shelf elements thin and light. We looked into different metals and ways to colorise them. We chose aluminium because it is lightweight, cost effective, can be anodised in many colours and is easy to mill. Another challenge was to find a coloured surface based on wood which would allow clean cuts for the slits. We experimented with multiplex panels but found that the wood was too sensitive and „alive“ when placed in different temperatures and humidities. Eventually we found coloured MDF by Innovus to have the perfect properties: easy to mill, form stable under any condition, and coloured all the way through, providing a cleaner look overall.
Production Technology
CNC cut Aluminium panels, anodised. Coloured MDF board with milled 2mm slits.
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