Oceania (Couch) by Simon Haeser
2018 - 2019, Golden A' Furniture, Decorative Items and Homeware Design Award Winner
Oceania is inspired by the Australian coastal landscape. The designer wanted to use his experience of Australia’s beautiful coastlines, taking influence from forms, shapes and colours inspired by the Australian landscape and culture.
The contemporary two-seater couch is suitable for sophisticated commercial interiors or will equally enhance the living space of the discerning design enthusiast. Oceania’s clean lines and flowing curves will embrace and comfort. The visual language of this project expresses the designer’s interpretation of Australian inspired design. The design reflects the bright and clear light of the beautiful summer days on Australia’s beaches and communicates this to those who interact with it.
Design Challenges
The design brief required the designer to explore and utilise the design process stages to develop a commercial product. The design process explored and investigated the notion of the Australian Design Identity - does it exist? The brief was to design a piece of contemporary furniture or a 3D object reflecting our human and material responses to our environment, culture, values and needs. The final product had to be an expression of the designer’s ideas and approach to design in response to this question.
Production Technology
The prototype consists of laminated MDF, blackbutt veneer, powder coated mild steel, acrylic painted edges as well as a fabric which is appropriate for general domestic use.
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