Fassamano (Reading Glasses) by Cristiana Vannini
2018 - 2019, Golden A' Jewelry, Eyewear and Watch Design Award Winner
The spark of the idea behind Fassamano happened at a dinner in Milan where, chatting about history, art, design, fashion, while sipping an excellent wine, nobody could read the label written in font eight. It is estimated that by the next decade one in four people in the world will need reading glasses due to presbyopia and at the same time daily lives command instant and on the go reads of all sorts of screens.
Fassamano are the new Italian hand made reading glasses to be worn around the neck, like a precious jewel and brought close to the eyes when needed to focus on object up close. In an instant, it enables focussed close up reading power , to capture a message on the smartphone , a restaurant menu or that small detail that escapes the eye. Useful and carefully designed, Fassamano is an analogic answer to the needs of a digital world.
Design Challenges
The idea behind Fassamano is to redefine this design category, combining functionality and aesthetics with an iconic and essential design. For the design of the glasses , the aim was to reach a synthesis of pure forms. Though for e-commerce shipping and delivery requirments, the vacuum packaging was designed to minimizes shipping costs while maximizing protection and reducing waste.
Production Technology
The glasses, that weight only twenty grams, are made of acetate. Crafted with CNC technology (Computer Numerical Control) and hand polished afterwards. The eye rims are polished with a glossy finish and the linear nose bridge is in contrasting metal with satin finish. Suitable for presbyopia prescriptions reading focus may vary according to the distance from the eyes. Fassamano can be customized with personal lenses thanks to the patented rim closure and it is a registered model. The metal part is in German silver, laser cut with galvanic treatments and protective varnish.
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