Leonardo 1482 (Interactive Light) by Maurice Dery
2018 - 2019, Golden A' Arts, Crafts and Ready-Made Design Award Winner
The Da Vinci collection is inspired by one question: If Leonardo, the great Renaissancian, were alive today, how would he incorporate 21st Century technology into his designs? This has been the inspiration and guide in creating this handcrafted light. The Leonardo 1482 poetically resembles a rising sun, borrowing heavily from Renaissance-era mechanics, and is appropriately named for the year Leonardo da Vinci began designing and developing his inventions.
The Leonardo 1482 is like nothing ever seen. It reflects the Renaissance era, but uses modern led technology. The light uses machine gears, along with magnifiers that are used to intensify the light source, that are reflected onto mirrors. With a simple pull on the chain, eight gears move simultaneously to redirect the light reflection on the mirrors onto the wall or the floor. Using the latest in lighting, machining, and metalwork technology the light brings the Renaissance back to life.
Design Challenges
The gears we made for the light were like those from Leonardo's day. They are wheels with cogs. Unlike modern day gears that mesh properly, these had to be worked and reworked to achieve the proper mesh to prevent excessive back lash, or binding.
Production Technology
The light began with sketches made on paper, which were then made into AutoCAD files. 3D images were made in Inventor. Using modern day machining techniques, the components for the light were made using aluminum and brass.
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