Relation Ship (Stop Motion Vr Multimedia Installation) by Zoey Lin
2018 - 2019, Golden A' Movie and Animation Design Award Winner
Using stop motion organic characters and set design inspired by marine biology, the story consists of two separate philosophical ideas; the concept of Assemblage by Deleuze & Guattari, and the concept of Plissement by Merleau Ponty. Merleau Ponty states in The Visible and the Invisible: The world is like that band of foam on the ocean which appears immobile when seen from an airplane... the amplitude of being will never exceed that of nothingness, nor the noise of the world its silence.
Initially, the audience witnesses evocative gestural performance animation of the main character, fish bone queen, giving away precious gifts from her own body. Upon entering the virtual reality environment, the viewer is immersed in a living bodyscape. This project is originally designed to be displayed in an installation setting as a stop motion film and 3 vr headsets which provide 3 different immersive experiences inside the main character.
Design Challenges
The most difficult issue when designing the stop motion vr multimedia installation was to integrate different workflow and element between stop motion (physical ) and virtual reality (computer graphics). And the solution is photogrammetry technique which can turn physical objects into virtual model and export as obj. file which can be edited, retextured in maya.
Production Technology
Material for building puppets, sets, and sculptures: found jewelry, laces, sequins, pva glue, aluminum wire, thread, etc. Technology: -Dragonframe for shooting stop motion -Agisoft for photogrammetry process (turn physical objects into virtual model obj. file so that can build vr bodyscape in Maya) -Maya for building vr bodyscape.
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