Vapor Breeze (Tea Set) by Naai-Jung Shih
2018 - 2019, Golden A' Generative, Algorithmic and Parametric Design Award Winner
The concept of this design was originated from the rolling and rising configuration of vapor out of a cup of tea. The steaming mist is so elegant and imaginative that it has created a rising dynamics of essence. The lights and shadows seem flowing around the body and switching constantly. The elegance of essence needs to be captured and frozen into a form that we can enjoy every day.
The enshrouding mist is now substantiated by a rolling surface. The entire set can be put on desktop or any flat surface for pleasant visual and touching experience. The symbolized vapor strips circle entire body with a streaming effect. The holes let people see the depth of the vapor in a mist. The pointed base is designed purposely to make the set look like floating in the air. The pot and cup share the same vocabulary. Cup shares the same dynamic theme in a more open-up manner.
Design Challenges
The most challenging part of all was to create a vapor vocabulary that lets the edges and surfaces of the cube being self-evolving. The selection of color was also a challenge that has to make the opaque body look light-weighted like the mist in the air with a sense of transparency. The answer is a white color that can use light and shadow to enhance the product image during tasting. The passages through the teapot and cup body create 3D channels inside as a pattern interlaced with tea. The composition makes the looks inside interesting too.
Production Technology
This configuration was made by applying a thicken function to a thin layer of hyperbolical surface instead of sculpting from a cube primitive. The curve was modified by a mathematic equation. This shift of design paradigm offers me a great freedom and opens up a whole new set of vocabulary during the creation process. The complicated shape can only be made by 3D printer followed by a delicate painting process in white. It makes me believe there is a strong connection between the order of mathematics and daily life aesthetics.
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