Orchid 2 (Spa) by Zhichao Xu
2018 - 2019, Golden A' Interior Space and Exhibition Design Award Winner
Orchid 2 Spa the major creative source of this project came from the space problems. The original core purpose of the designer in designing this project was to solve the problems and drawbacks existing in the space. As the overall space of the Spa is very small, and the width of the corridor is narrow, these problems will bring poor user experience to consumers. So designer must solve these problems through design, and even turn them into advantages. Designer got the idea for this case from mirror at home and the lake in the city, and that was Reflection.
Orchid 2 Spa was called "Era" by the designers of this project, because it is going to create a new way of interacting with space and people. Of course, there are many cases of using mirrors to solve space problems, but this design is very different. Because designer not only use the reflection of the mirror, but also hope to integrate the natural light, spatial structure and user experience together. And make the space has a unique temperament and charm, so that consumers in the space feel like a dream like unreal experience.
Design Challenges
The most difficult part of the Orchid 2 Spa design process should be the project budget. Due to the small area of this project and the limited cost that the owner can invest, we have to choose cheaper and commonly used materials to achieve our design. For example, the Terrazzo stone in the lobby is not cheap in China, so we only choose the Terrazzo stone in the public area, while we choose the ceramic tile with the same pattern and texture but much cheaper in the private room and bathroom.
Production Technology
In Orchid 2 Spa design, I used Mirror and Mirror stainless steel materials, both of which are very common materials in the market. We want to make them more special and interesting as we use them, so we used mirrored stainless steel on top of the space, eliminate the discretion difference of metope through joining together of its and plasterboard top again, accomplish stainless steel and plasterboard as far as possible on the same level. Multiple reflections will make the space lighting and illumination have a very good promotion, expand the space while also expanding the lighting area.
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