West Coast Center (Presentation Sales) by David Chang
2018 - 2019, Golden A' Interior Space and Exhibition Design Award Winner
When designing the project, we should highlight its cultural background, take traditional Chinese calligraphy art and silk fine brushwork as inspiration source, extract the essence of calligraphy and painting, embody the spiritual realm of magnanimity, elegance, dignity and magnificence, and use modern decorative techniques of combination of Chinese and Western to create a space situation suitable for ancient times, suitable for modern times, rich and handsome.
Jiangmen, where Xinhui is located, is the origin, main battlefield and growth pole of the Zhuxi Strategy, building the advanced equipment manufacturing industry belt on the West Bank of the Pearl River, pushed by the provincial Party Committee and the provincial government. Driven by the development strategy of the new town of the Zhuxi hub, Xinhui District will usher in a new development opportunity and become the first portal area radiating from the Pearl River Delta to the west of Guangdong Province.
Design Challenges
Inspired by the patio in Lingnan Architecture, the designer constructed a 14 metre glass vault in the center of the central axis of the space, which not only made the space look grand, but also skillfully introduced natural light into the interior. The shape of the glass vault is characterized by the spacious Western Renaissance decoration, hanging black metal chandeliers and richness. The unique Liangtuo makes the space returning to the nostalgic image of Nanyang flavor. In the large contour of European linearity, it adds the friendly and natural local humanistic flavor of Xinhui.
Production Technology
In the choice of space material, the diversified materials such as metal, peacock blue jade, grey mirror and so on are used to brighten the space, which gives the space a brand-new and bright flavor of the times. In the soft-wear aspect, the soft-wear design theme is the land of fishery and agriculture, which combines the long history and unique Lingnan customs of Xinhui. The unique cultural characteristics of Xinhui will also be integrated into the design of various spaces.
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