Astron (Shape Shifting Rug) by Ingrid Külper
2018 - 2019, Golden A' Furniture, Decorative Items and Homeware Design Award Winner
In cold climates like in Sweden we do love Rugs as it is warm and and lifts a room to be more comfortable. While traveling in countries with warmer climates I did notice that Rugs where much more absent often in rooms with stone floors. I imagined that Rugs could add warmth and comfort during the cold season even in these countries, so that is where the idea came to life. A Bench where to store the pieces easily when not in use was also essential for me and at the same time have Bench to sit on
This Rug is designed specifically for countries with varm summers and where a Rug is only desired in the cold season like autumn and winter. The bench has a function with a lid where the Rug pieces easily will fit and can be kept when not in use. It is also possible for the user to form different designs depending on how the Rug pieces are placed next to each other.
Design Challenges
Once the design and purpose was in place it all fell in place very smoothly. I did get help with the production of the iron Bench from a black smith Yngve Nordmark. The rug tiles where produced by a small family company in India.
Production Technology
Hand tufted Rug tiles made from NZ wool. The neatly attached antislip material secures each Rug tile perfectly to stay in place. Focus with this product, it needs tone easy to store when not in use and to be able to change the outcome when placing the tiles in different directions. The iron Bench has a wheel barrow function and storage under the seat.
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