Sopron Basket (Locker Room) by Annabella Hevesi
2018 - 2019, Golden A' Interior Space and Exhibition Design Award Winner
To decide the overall design direction we tried to assess the characteristics of the life of a professional sports team. We were able to distinct three paths that we followed throughout the design process. These are the minimalistic functionalism, the futuristic appearance and the life of a professional female basketball athlete.
Sopron Basket is a successful professional women's basketball team based in Sopron, Hungary. The club management decided to invest in a new locker room complex to have a prestigious facility to the club's name, suit the player's needs better, motivate them and promote their unity. The goal of our design is to meet the management's vision and to create a unique and futuristic locker room complex, that stands out on an international level but remains devoted to the traditional team identity.
Design Challenges
Due to space and resource limitations, we had to come up with innovative ideas in every room, to be able to maintain the design standard we set for ourselves. Many of our technical/technological solutions had been unprecedented in their respective fields, so we constantly consulted with experts in relevant professions, took active participation in implementation by experimenting, creating 1:1 models, developing alternative variants, to make sure results satisfy the requirements.
Production Technology
Implementation involved stretching technological boundaries: the shower room's concrete coated surfaces, the edgeless plexiglass lamp sunken into the wall, magnetic whiteboards with lit outlines of a basketball court. Seating furniture utilizes a complex system of geometry with no room for imprecision. Laser-cut steel sheets separate the player-seats, and front doors of the furniture are metal-covered. Hidden kitchen and toilet fronts are CNC-milled colored MDF with white laminate surfaces.
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