Nestt (Modular House) by Snorre Stinessen
2018 - 2019, Golden A' Architecture, Building and Structure Design Award Winner
The inspiration for this project has been to investigate and develop the possibility for modular house delivery of the highest quality and standards. A modular building suited for various climates and also suitable for off-grid installations. Sustainability and self-sustenance have been key drivers in the development of this project. This projects aims to set a new standard for modular houses.
Modular house transportable in 2x40ft containers. On-site installation in 2 days. Optimised for global installation; insulation and temperature control etc suitable for anything from +50 to -30* Celsius. Optional fully self-sustained; energy, water and waste management, self-levelling installation. All elements detail designed and delivered fully furnished. Prepared for various extensions over time. Suitable as home, cabin, part of resort and in other configurations.
Design Challenges
The most challenging aspect was the combination of all technical and transportation/installation requirements and an end result of the highest quality - both in terms of visual appearance, functionality and durability. Plans and furnishings are custom designed to optimise functionality and comfort in a limited space and thus proving that comfortable living is more about solutions and design than size.
Production Technology
All elements of this design have been tailor designed and research to develop a light-weight versatile construction from aluminium and super-insulation materials as used in space technology. 2 years of research, testing and development has gone into the project planning. Production is optimised for effective production and delivery times.
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