Return (Sculpture) by Dong Han
2018 - 2019, Golden A' Arts, Crafts and Ready-Made Design Award Winner
The symbolic meaning of rooster culture has appeared in each country and nation, symbolizing the totalitarianism of patriarchal society and the fearless, arrogant and untouchable leader temperament. I used the visual language of sculpture to express a kind of aloof and arrogant temperament. This sculpture was created to explore a pure form of meaning, rather than a realistic depiction of the details of the rooster; From accidental change it captures certain stable elements, and gives them an almost abstract appearance, thus making it free to change.
This is a bronze sculpture, the whole body is concise and clear. The momentum, tension and the outer space occupied by "rooster" use the abstract deformation technique of expression. The details of any corner of the sculpture (like points the size of a needle) are regarded as a neuron in my whole life, and I hope it is alive. You can see it from any Angle, and if you go around the sculpture, you get the same kind of pleasure that you get when you travel.We know that a rooster is a feathered animal. If it is made with a very smooth and featherless texture, it will be a very challenging job for me to bring this work to life.
Design Challenges
When I sculpting with clay and try to change it into different shapes, I got pleasure and satisfaction from the activities. Often unconscious efforts are made to bring out the images and fantasies of the mind. This is an abstract work, which seeks for feelings and strives for signs of life in the production process. It is not deliberately planned and designed, and it is full of risks and uncertainties in the creative process. I hope that when people appreciate it, they will feel that this is the original of it, which is more like a work integrated with nature.
Production Technology
First use the steel and wood to build the skeleton, shape it with sculpture clay, then turn into resin material, with atomic ash adjustment finally complete the original; After that, I turned the silicone mold, turned the wax plate and finally turned it into bronze, welded, polished and colored, and finally completed the work. Bronze casting process.
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