Wuliepoch (Culture Center) by Yingfan Zhang
2018 - 2019, Golden A' Interior Space and Exhibition Design Award Winner
Faith and ritual are indispensable to a house. As the presentation of house, the project draws upon the religious ambience in a house and develops revolving circulation logic accordingly to connect the programs together. The architecture has the visitor experienced Western Hills in a new way that landscape evolves around architecture endlessly, pretty much reassembles the incarnation in life.
As the geometry of the site is triangulated, the project responses by stacking layers of curve walls one on top of the other, in a crisscrossing way to create layers of courtyard or intermediate spaces leading to the building, some demarcations of space are horizontal walls suspended in the air. The materiality of the project expresses through carefully proportioned masonry walls throughout architecture and landscape, to give a uniform tone and create a historic gravitas for the project.
Design Challenges
The first difficulty came from the narrowness of the site. So, we had to find a way that not only aiming all the function resolved, but also to celebrate the energy that hidden in the shape of the site itself. The main difficulty throughout the project is the integral design process combining architecture and interior. Another painful fact was that the building process is not always perfect according to the drawing and models, due to lacking of skillful people or well reading of the drawings.
Production Technology
The wall material of the space is consistence with the floor, and the transition between interior and exterior is smooth and subtle. Space flows from one area to the other, with the panorama of Western Hills as the backdrop for the public program.
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