The Panelarium (Urology Clinic) by Tetsuya Matsumoto
2018 - 2019, Golden A' Interior Space and Exhibition Design Award Winner
The Panelarium design was inspired from the digital world. The binary system components 0 and 1 were interpolated in the white space and embodied by panels that jut out from the walls and ceiling. All surfaces of the space were finished in white generating a pure and clean atmosphere acting as a three-dimensional canvas, on which the panels punctuate the monotony. The panels are white except for one side which is either black or a back-lit translucent glass.
The Panelarium is an interior space design for Matsubara Urology Clinic. This design features a clean white minimalistic space, a tribute to hygiene but also to the doctors advanced technological use of the da Vinci robotic surgery systems. The design uses white panels, with only one surface which is either black or backlit. The panels although their aesthetic appearance but they are all functional, they become benches, blinders, shelves, counters, or just keeping the balance.
Design Challenges
Dr Matsubara is an international award-winning urology surgeon. He is one of the very few doctors that are licensed to operate using the da Vinci robotic surgery system. The doctor is establishing his own clinic in Himeji City, Japan. The challenge of this design was to create an efficiently functional medical space that can reflect the doctors medical and technological advance. This space was meant to be bright, futuristic and provide patient with a sense of comfort and confidence.
Production Technology
This interior space takes place in the second level of an already existing commercial and medical building. The walls were built using simple LGS metallic structure, covered in plasterboards, and finished in wallpaper. The panels are made by wood, fabricated by a furniture maker, and finished in melamine sheets, the backlit panels uses LED lighting and covered in translucent acrylic. The left wall of the reception space is finished in dark mirrors.
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