Reverse (Clock) by Mattice Boets
2018 - 2019, Golden A' Furniture, Decorative Items and Homeware Design Award Winner
While time flies by, clocks have stayed the same. Most clocks have the same look and feel, there's very little difference in their designs. Why? Isn't it time to see some change? These questions inspired the concept Reverse.
Reverse is a minimalistic and unordinary clock design with subtle changes making it one of a kind. The little hand moves by the outer edges of the clock and points to the hour while the middle one pivots in the center and points to the minutes. It's simple, yet different.
Design Challenges
Coming up with an idea of a clock design that's original, interesting and different was challenging. I started from the basic shape most clocks are made of, a cylinder so that the clock would still be easily recognizable. Then I decided to remove all elements of a clock except the cylindrical base and started imagining what a clock could be. I tried to incorporate all the elements of the original clock design but in a slightly different way, resulting in a design that looked mostly the same but at the same time was entirely different and unique.
Production Technology
The two hands of the clock are driven by a quartz clock mechanism with two axes. The minute hand is driven by the inside axel. The outer shell is made out of two visually invisible rings that form a bearing. This mechanism combined with the inside gears allows the outer ring and the hour hand to rotate but also gives the impression that the outer ring is static.
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