Healthy Food Healthy Life (Packaging Design) by Somchana Kangwarnjit
2018 - 2019, Golden A' Packaging Design Award Winner
To convey the customers with the conception of processing perfection in each seed of jasmine rice, we carve a picture of each rice growing process onto a wood block of rice seed. The detailed steps of rice growing are illustrated on each wooden block of rice seed e.g. buffalo soil preparation, hand harvesting, etc. Working with the carvers to achieve the best wooden seed details has made us feel the hardship and meticulousity of rice cultivation before delivery to tasteful consumption.
In everyday life rice is produced through modern conventional mass production. Many people may question if this production process is actually good enough. Therefore we make a research to confirm that the traditional rice growing process without any machines will yield better quality rice. This packaging convey the story of ancient Thai wisdom rice farming by carving it on the rice seed.
Design Challenges
This ancient Thai wisdom rice farming includes soil preparation using buffalo, seedling preparation and transplanting, hand sowing, hand harvesting, manual threshing and husking. The experimental result reveals that the jasmine rice yielded from traditional farming is of higher nutrients. The brand- Healthy Food Healthy Life was introduced to the market because the new trend of consumption, especially that of healthful and non-toxic and environmental friendly food is a driving force from the emerging new group of consumers who demand organic rice with high nutritional values.
Production Technology
The pouch is nylon LL and gravure printing with metalic gold color.
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