It History Hall (Museum) by Dalia Sadany
2018 - 2019, Golden A' Cultural Heritage and Culture Industry Design Award Winner
Originally a university theatre, several original features of the building surfaced during the renovation process most importantly the stage turntable hidden underground. The find and construction process are liked to a discovery on an excavation project. This and turntables used as a theatrical element to assist in changing scenes resembled a science fiction time machine changing place and time hence the concept of traveling to the past was introduced. Our clients line of business was researched in the Ancient Egypt context and this cultural project created to tell the story.
Confucius said study the past if you would define the future. The design is an authenticated story linking past to future, a cultural experience created for the visitor to relive the journey through a carefully thought out design. The layout, lighting, choice of materials, colour palate, fittings and furniture were all carefully studied and used to enhance the experience. The artefacts and symbols in the space are not copies but custom designed pieces of art authenticated by an accredited Egyptologist. The space is multi-purpose equipped for various corporate events and activities.
Design Challenges
First there were no original construction drawings so faced many unknowns during renovation. We used several consultants during demolition, civil and construction stages. One of the biggest obstacles was creating the basement in terms of ventilation, solving under groundwater problems and structural modifications. This and finding validation via certified Egyptologists on the design specs and customised marble products, wall claddings and accessories with relevant writings in hieroglyphics and an acknowledge reference of each word, design feature and conceptual aspect.
Production Technology
An Egyptologist was consulted during the design research phase. We did not want to copy ancient artefacts, but instead created our validated abstract version. As for materials the flooring was made from antique finish grey Egyptian marble; walls from a mixture of imported lava marble to give the old effect, antique finish stainless steel and wallpaper; and the ceiling antique finish scrap metal. Rotating turntable was treated and covered in gold leaf.
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