Olive Tree Luxury (Nature Cosmetics Packaging) by Jelena Samutin
2018 - 2019, Golden A' Packaging Design Award Winner
Several years ago, the founder of Oliveda purchased his first olive grove in Andalusia. The power of these ancient trees healed him. He developed Olive Tree Therapy, upon which his most important project would be based: Oliveda. Today, Oliveda produces holistic care products made from the valuable ingredients of its very own olive trees. The passion of the family-owned company and its highly personal history was the biggest inspiration for this project.
The Oliveda story reflected in all aspects of the brand design. That is why the products and brand story are presented in the style of a diary: They contain thoughts, notes and valuable, personal statements about the product itself. Upon closer observation, what initially appears chaotic in fact portrays a strong, clear message. For the new luxury Hydroxytyrosol Corrective anti-aging range, brown apothecary jars and bottles were transformed into elegant objects with black labels and metallic copper coloured design elements.
Design Challenges
The design of the packaging posed a great challenge in terms of creating a brand image for a modern product that sets itself apart from the many other olive-based cosmetic products out there. At the same time, it was necessary to stress the healing powers of olive trees with high-tech and lifestyle attributes.
Production Technology
All parts of the Hydroxytyrosol Corrective packaging are produced in Germany. The boxes are paper based with matt foil finish. The labels are printed on the silver foil with euroscale and white coated color for the metallic cooper effect with matt foil fish as well. The matt foil protects the product s against the moisture and gives the product warm and soft touch for the great experience.
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