Gravity Cat (Production Design) by YUKIKO KURIBAYASHI
2018 - 2019, Golden A' Movie and Animation Design Award Winner
The original idea of the story was written by the film director Show Yanagisawa and Ad-agency staffs. I had to create a gravity changing situation somehow for the story they came up with, so I researched and I got an inspiration from a set of the movie "INCEPTION" directed by Christopher Nolan. It showed interesting scenery of the world where the law of gravity and physics we believe in and living in everyday ignored. It was just exciting to watch! It also helped me to think how to shoot such scenes using a set.
It was build to show the world where gravity changes. To make that possible, we build a cylinder structure made by steel frames that rotates 360 degrees, and put a wooden made room set inside of it. When the steel frame cylinder structure rotates, the room inside of it also rotates and the props fall and swing which look like as if those are flying into the air. Those movement of props show the gravity changes in the room effectively.
Design Challenges
It was challenging to decide which furnitures and props to fix and which props not to fix so some the props can fly into the air to show the gravity changes. An actress was actually acting inside of the room set while it rotates, so she can get hurt by the things that fall. The director wanted to drop a chair from the floor to the wall, but I had to stop it because it’s too risky. Instead of that, when we were test shooting I found that laundry and props that are dangling swing drastically as the set rotates, so I decided to change how to decorate props to show the space more drastic and exciting as gravity changes.
Production Technology
The move “Inception” was surely helped me to come up with this set. I watched a making film of this movie and got inspired from it. It was perfect to demonstrate the gravity free space.
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