Double-Crane Lake (Mixed Use Development) by Aedas
2018 - 2019, Golden A' Architecture, Building and Structure Design Award Winner
Zhengzhou is the birth place of Chinese civilisation and is renowned for astronomical observation. Inspired by the Dengfeng Observatory, the twin office towers are laid on the east-west axis to capture the equinox at sunrises and sunsets. Standing at 191 metres high, they are simple yet elegant, culturally influenced by the silhouette of the antique Lotus and Crane Pots created during the Spring and Autumn Period before the first emperor united China.
The project is located in the International Garden Expo of Zhengzhou Airport District. As local landmark and the most important development, the design fully considered Zhengzhou traditional culture and fast-speed logistic economy bloom. Facing the Double-Crane Lake, the project master layout plan has fully make use of the lake view for the tower orientation by rotating the footprint 30 degrees which also avoids tower overlooking.
Design Challenges
The design challenge is to deal with a metro line under the project site. The basement is separated in 2 parts in B3 level and connected together in B2 and above. The design made fully use of the B3 level as civil defense area which don’t need to be connected together, and carpark area are in B2 and B1, which creates a whole platform and convenient access to the ground level.
Production Technology
The project proposed WSHP (Water Source Heat Pump) system by making use of advantage of proximity to Double-Crane Lake, which is renewable energy and cost effective. The WSHP has no onsite pollution, less space required, low maintenance cost and long system life. Also to minimize pollution and energy consumption induced by the long distance transportation of construction materials, regionally manufactured construction materials will be widely used in this project.
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