Flexpai (Foldable Smartphone) by Royole Corporation
2018 - 2019, Golden A' Digital and Electronic Devices Design Award Winner
TV, PC, tablet and cellphone appear in different places and situation of our life. If we can fold screens of these devices into one screen, which can both bring us the wonderful experience of large screen and be easily put them into pocket and bag, it will bring tremendous convenience to our life and reduce several screen equipped devices, charging devices and the need of data transfer. The Royole unique self-developed and designed flexible screen bring the possibility of device combination.
The FlexPai can be easily folded and unfolded. The combination of phone and tablet are perfectly solving the long-term contradiction between big screen and portability. FlexPai only needs a set of cameras to achieve folding shooting and self-timer. The flowing design concept of the Royole self-designed Water Operating System allows applications to adapt to different screen sizes in different states of folding and unfolding. It embodies the concept of inseparable science and art.
Design Challenges
Royole's Cicada Wing Fully Flexible Display is a whole new technique, and the structure of hinge is extremely precise. The combination of this two technologies makes FlexPai has no competitors on the current market. It is not only difficult to be produced, but also has to withstand the testing requirements of conventional mobile phone.
Production Technology
Royole flexible screen and Royole flexible hinge.
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