Grabowsky (House) by Miguel Pinto Guimaraes
2018 - 2019, Golden A' Architecture, Building and Structure Design Award Winner
The design of Grabowski House started with the site itself. As you approach from above, the intention was to create a huge garden on top, in order to make the construction disappear on the landscape and make it work as a visual bridge connecting to the slopes of the valley that splits the land of 350.000 square meters. A long green slab connects the roof to the slope behind. With 20 meters long, covers the entrance hall that is located on the upper floor, where all the bedrooms are.
The U shaped upper floor covers the veranda, dining room and home theatre. The central empty space, double ceiling, is where the living room and sculpture garden are located. The main architectural concept was to create a veranda, 20 meters long, without any pilars. The bedrooms on the upper floor are projected over that veranda, without any vertical support. The lack of pilars reinforce the idea of integration between the inside and the outside, connecting the architecture to the garden itself.
Design Challenges
The solution for the engineer query was the use of the Vierendeel truss. That kind of truss of rectangular openings were used on the frontal and lateral facades. That is the exterior structural skeleton of the house that permitted us to have the bedrooms on the upper floor over the veranda without any support. The Vierendeel truss results from the system that connects the lower and the upper steel beam with vertical slim pilars.
Production Technology
For finishing, just natural materials were choosen, specialy raw concrete on the walls, wood on the ceiling and flooring and natural stone on some details. Natural materials age well, with digninity, interacts with the nature and as they get old, they evidence the acceptance of the architecture by the Nature.
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