The Exquisite Touch (Cutter Knife) by Hyorin Lee
2018 - 2019, Golden A' Art Materials, Stationery Supplies and Gift Items Design Award Winner
Why do all cutter knives look the same? I started my project from this question. Many stationery forms became boring and were chosen only by function. I wanted to propose a new form to these things and offer better, evolved objects to users. Cutter knife is one of the most frequently used items among office supplies. However, all of the current designs are crude and mundane. Thus, I wanted to make values more than just functional and practical.
Exqi is a sophisticated cutter knife fit for a modern lifestyle. Exqi, which means ‘refined, delicate’ in french ‘exquis’, strive for ultimate elegance. Exqi which proposes a new type of stationery, not only focuses on function but also shows a more refined design. The shape of diagnol cutting is applied as a whole consistently and also all visual elements were designed delicately. It was visualized from the elaborated action of cutting something. Furthermore, the multiple blades of Exqi are interchangeable according to the user's intention and the object to be cut. So this project has both aesthetic and functional qualities and values.
Design Challenges
My first struggle was how to show the brand identity effectively and to find the simplest way to bond the acrylic and blades. Also, I put a lot of effort on how to show the logo on the product. After various trials, I chose to engrave with laser on the end of the knife. And also it tooks many attempts to find appropriate color of spray for the blades. Because it was personal work, so it cost a lot.
Production Technology
In order to express sharpness, precision, and sophistication, I used metal spray painting on acrylic. I focused on making the connection as simple as possible between the knife body and the multiple blades. After trials and errors, the body was made by combining two acrylic 3T, with a slender groove in the middle to place the blade. A leather case was also made to cover the sharp exposed blade.
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