65560 Borderless (Television) by BURAK EMRE ALTINORDU
2018 - 2019, Golden A' Digital and Electronic Devices Design Award Winner
While designing this product, our inspiration was to reduce the cost of existing high-end segment TVs keeping the same look as rich as possible. The product targets the state of art segmentation in TV market with overall slimness and narrow bezel dimensions.
Borderless TV is defined one of the pioneer products of our era due to its reformist production methodology. The outer line of this Borderless TV is differentiated from its rivals with form factor. Main aim of this LED TV is to create a state of art yet affordable product and highlight the democratic design needs in high quality consumer electronics segment. Since the display is made in-house design and technology is not outsourced like OLED displays, the retail price could have been kept within affordable range of high quality products.With this motivation a new novel technique is used to structure the main body. With the use of high quality back metal of the display, omitting the plastic back cover on the whole back surface creates a thinner look. However the product is at the top segment of a TV line, still can propose customization opportunities for our different customers with thanks to its stand design appropriate for coloring and coating options or different cover designs with new overall forms.
Design Challenges
The hardest part of the project was to create a new way of thinking other than the competitors in our own factory feasibility and to inject new production methodology which is totally new for the usual mass production approach.
Production Technology
In this design, since our aim is to get "borderless" effect, cell is just sticked on the frame with special section design for cell placement. Slimmest part of the panel has 5,9 mm depth. And outer fame is 2 mm width. The frame is made from glass fiber plastic and the back part is made from aluminum sheet metal. In-mold decoration is applied on the sheet metal which is actually the back-light structure metal carrying the cell and other layers of display. It has also secondary back cover for the main board & power card area. The dimensions of the secondary back cover is less then half of the overall dimensions of the display and made from PC+ABS plastic.
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