Fogo Island Shed (Hotel Dining Room) by Todd Saunders
2018 - 2019, Golden A' Hospitality, Recreation, Travel and Tourism Design Award Winner
Saunders Architecture’s new Fogo Island Shed expands the remit of the artistic and creative community on Fogo Island. Architectural inspiration has been drawn from the vernacular forms of the region’s traditional fishermen’s huts and houses. The architecture forges a physical connection between community and landscape. The building has no electricity—a deliberate throwback to a simpler age that has the effect of focusing the mind, increasing awareness of the seasons, the light, and the food.
Designed around the notion of ‘slow eating’, the space is intended to foster a social approach to dining, with a long table set alongside an open plan kitchen.The new building combines contemporary forms with traditional techniques, evoking a strong sense of place through the simplicity and porosity of its interior and exterior volumes. Essentially a simple timber shed, the structure uses the studio’s trademark tilted and twisted geometry to create visual drama, as part of the wild landscape.
Design Challenges
The Fogo Island Shed represents a new stage in the ongoing story of Fogo Island and Shorefast. Confident in its simplicity, it extends the foundation’s work out into the community, a strong symbol of continuity, community, and the positive power of design.
Production Technology
Designed and built using traditional methods in just six months, the dining space is housed within a linear, rectangular form. This intersects with a covered entrance, a wind chamber with a steep mono-pitched roof that flares open at each end, framing the island and the seascape. The local construction team has worked closely together for nearly a decade and rapid construction is a requirement of Fogo’s fast-changing and challenging climate. The benefits of such a long working relationship are apparent in every joint and surface, building on the island’s longstanding and intuitive relationship between craft, material, and landscape.
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