Tadao Ando (Monograph) by Borjana Katic
2018 - 2019, Golden A' Print and Published Media Design Award Winner
The design of the monograph is based on the architectural tenets and principles espoused by Tadao Ando, which are harmoniously integrated with the specific design poetics nurtured by Oris magazine for architecture and culture of living. Minimal expression, the use of the black and white, does not overshadow architectural works but rather accentuates the beauty of Ando's design. The chapters are delineated by the use of the tracing paper that adds an element of playfulness. The haptic quality of the covers evokes Ando's concrete while its sturdy and monumental character contrasts the ethereal quality of the interior.
Tadao Ando monograph is a publishing project made in close collaboration with Tadao Ando Architect and Associates, presents the recent realizations of one of the greatest protagonists of Japanese and international architectural scene. Instead of focusing exclusively on individual projects, the book outlines issues and phenomena central to Ando's work and to the contemporary culture and society. The book opens with a preface by Juhani Pallasmaa and closes with an essay by Tadao Ando.
Design Challenges
The hardest part of the process was the physical production of the book, which was made in Croatia, a small country with not too many good handcrafting masters. It was thus really challenging to realise all my ideas. Ando is a very inspiring author and the goal of my design of his monograph was to present the diversity and brilliance of his work. Although the realisation took very much effort and patience, I can say that I am really satisfied with the result.
Production Technology
The front and back cover of the book is made of cardboard. I have decided to use two pieces and glue them together to get the wanted thickness. Dots, which are to evoke Ando's technique of concrete shaping, are made in blind deboss and the letters on the front cover are made in the foil stamping. The spine is open and letters on it are made by pad printing. The book signature consists of the combination of paper Magno Volume 170g and tracing paper Curious Translucents 92g.
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