Raw (Radiator) by Davide Diliberto
2018 - 2019, Golden A' Bathroom Furniture and Sanitary Ware Design Award Winner
We often draw an x to cancel something, but also to point out where to place, drill, reach, etc. It is a sign but at the same time it does not add a too specific flavor. All these factors made me believe in its aesthetic potential, so I thought to use it to make a large object looking lightweight despite its dimensions. Its design is intended to integrate with the architectural project and to get a radiator that does not look as it is expected to be and let the wall visible.
Raw is a family of radiators for Brem, built using curved and welded pipes in a boxy shape, featuring a diagonal cross in the centre. The goal of the design is to be iconic, visually neutral, almost raw and related to architectural elements such a construction structure, scaffolding and shelving units. It is available in different elements and sizes, in vertical or horizontal layout. Thanks to the framework structure, any single unit can act as a heated towel rail.
Design Challenges
I checked the possibility to create modular system, by just two standard elements in each corner, one for squares and one for rectangles, varying final dimension by the length of the pipes. This solution has been discarded due to production difficulties and costs. The production process developed by the company, however, allows maximum flexibility for custom projects.
Production Technology
The entire radiator is made of steel, curved and welded.
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