Nutro Ultra Packaging Rebrand (Natural Culinary Pet Food For Dogs) by Anouk Schofield
2018 - 2019, Golden A' Packaging Design Award Winner
We focused on new innovative propositions that further built on the brand’s promise of providing clean food for pets. Nutro Ultra was an existing product in its portfolio but was outdated, out of step with trends and not in line with the Feed Clean philosophy. It would take a dramatic overhaul - product, recipes, positioning, story and design - to reinvent it as a ‘clean culinary experience’ purposefully designed for the specialty pet care shopper.
Inspired by the high-end farm-to-table ‘foodie’ world, our distinctive design echoes the visual and verbal language of premium restaurants and clean eating cookbooks. Ultra broke with traditional pet food navigation systems by using the ingredients as a piece of beautiful expression. The packaging substrate with matte and gloss printed accents provide the finishing touch marking Nutro Ultra as an outstanding product of quality.
Design Challenges
Since the Ultra brand was already in existence under a nutrition platform, our main challenge was understanding how to create a multi-platform brand with 2 pillars: full nutrition and culinary delight. We needed to understand how current consumers would evaluate the brand change, and assure they would not be left behind after the update. Could they still find their nutrition brand? Defining a look and feel for the culinary line also took careful consideration and our research led us to understand the right cues to create an artisanal product that would be worth the premium price and accepted by pet parents.
Production Technology
The outer stand up pouches are flexo printed. We used a white pigmented film with CMYK and two spot colors per pack with both matte and gloss spot elements. The inner pack substrate is food grade and vacuum sealed with a resealable zip closure.
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