The Sea Vibes (Installation) by Wu Sun
2018 - 2019, Golden A' Architecture, Building and Structure Design Award Winner
As the residential project is built along the shore of Dalian Bay of China, the first thing capture our eyes is the specific feature of the project: the SEA. This inspires us to design an installation at the entrance using the language of waves in order to echo the sea. As a matter as fact we further applied this language to the whole space of the demonstrate center, including: the logo, lamps and signage, making the space visually a whole.
This installation was designed using the language of the sea: waves, as it was for a residential project built along the shore of Dalian Bay, China. The installation is a huge cylinder formed by double-layer copper plates. It consists of 6000 plates which were hung in the frame according to specific permutation. When you walk around the cylinder, it looks like waves running one after another. When the plates dance in the sea wind, flashing light and colors are reflected, just like spindrift.
Design Challenges
How to give the fixed installation a movement that resembles the endless waves of the sea was the biggest challenge. In the end the cylinder form with hanging cooper plates was the best sollution.
Production Technology
Double cooper plates, cylinder frame
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