New Hope Seed (Brand Gift Box) by Fineherbsoap Co., Ltd & Yung-Li Chen
2018 - 2019, Golden A' Packaging Design Award Winner
FineHerbs Company is supervised by Dr.Chen who has Chinese medicine license and western medicine license.From the angle of treating disease and nurturing life,Dr.Chen collects and selects a lot of plant’s essecnce element with the doctor’s angle,for producing the herbtea and herbsoap.For expressing vitality and beauty of plant,Dr. Chen and Use Brand Design Corp work together, the shape idea of box is from the complex of rosebud and mintleaf,and zinnia seed’s idea is from the lucky 100 symbol of Zinnia for Chinese people.
Blending the complex of plant essence and Zinnia vitality, this gift box’s shape is from the shape of FineHerbs’s company logo. All the materials of this gift box is totally compliance with national standards. The mixed pulp, for producing the gift box, is 100% made from the mixture of recycle paper and lavender grass seeds.After two times hot compressing, the lavender grass seeds will be dispersed irregularly allover box surface and therefore everybox has its uniform patten, meanwhile,spreadi.
Design Challenges
Due to the ratio between recycle paper and lavender grass seeds will influence the appearance of the box,we need to find the best ratio and then enter the product stage. Also we need to find the best condition for Zinnia’s seed to grow up.
Production Technology
All the materials of this gift box is totally compliance with national standards. The box uses the mixed pulp of 100% recycle paper and lavender grass seeds, and is made with two times hot compressing.
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