Eikon Exe (Wiring Devices) by Luca Giuseppe Conte
2018 - 2019, Golden A' Building Materials, Construction Components, Structures & Systems Design Award Winner
Eikon Exé is a new design line, targeted to architects and interior designers, interested in an essential style, but willing to personalize their choice through a wide range of prestigious finishes. The platform is characterized by a modular system that gives flexibility of combining multiple functions in an easy and modular way. The same design is available for different international standards.
Eikon Exé design has an essential and minimalist shape. It is available in 27 different finishing, in different material like: glossy and brushed metals, glasses, mirrors, wood, leather and marbled stoneware. Eikon Exè offers a complete range of functions, from traditional device to home and building automation, available with different requirements for the use of energy of various nations.
Design Challenges
The creative challenge was to find different materials to make plates for an exclusive range; high mechanical works are used to work metals, woods, glasses, mirrors, marble stonewares and leathers.
Production Technology
Various mechanical technologies, in particular water jet for glass and mirror, pantographing and varnishing for wood, waterjet cutting for stoneware, leathers and zamak die-casting with dedicated surface treatments. Materials include glossy and brushed metals, glasses, mirrors, natural woods, high quality leathers and marbled stonewares.
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