The Movement Mixc Cinemas (Interior Design) by Cheuk Ming Jao
2018 - 2019, Golden A' Interior Space and Exhibition Design Award Winner
By analyzing the "rheological" characteristics of the film image symbol, Buji Wanxiang Hui Cinema is based on the "image flow" as the basis of design, such as water, accommodating hundreds of rivers, and endless; if empty, playing the rhythm of young vitality, reverberating around, full of There are countless possibilities that are imaginative; to create a multi-dimensional coexistence space and to present a contemporary concept of enjoying life.
A good design, like the same good film, not only can accommodate the story, rich in meaning, but also from the perspective of the viewer, so that they can feel from the lighting, material, color, space layout, etc., the designer wants The emotion and value conveyed, in this process, draw away from reality for a moment, and really devote to another dimension of consciousness flow.
Design Challenges
In many sci-fi movies, the “Time Tunnel” can connect the infinite time and space in the universe, witnessing and exploring space-time scenes by riding time machine. The architect has used 300 LED light bars to decorate the space in pure white, allowing the imagery to bloom inside, and to form a streamlined “time-space tunnel” visually filled with future sci-fi. Following the locomotive rhythm of the escalator, the visitors are brought into the infinite imagination space between the future and reality, time and space.
Production Technology
Materials: marble, aluminum, fabric, carpet, glass, coaching and painting.
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