The Cube (Private House) by Ahmed Habib
2018 - 2019, Golden A' Architecture, Building and Structure Design Award Winner
The main mass was based around a primary form (Cube) & the two imposing stone walls that were inspired by ancient temples creating an approach with the moat like bridge to the house main entrance. The central black metal screen design was inspired by an Islamic pattern and external courts were inspired from Arabic traditional houses.
Conceptual idea was to explore the architectural relation between solid and void through addition and subtraction within a cube, creating a dialogue between indoor and outdoor. Floor plan design is based on 2 shifted masses creating an internal atrium (includes air conditioning system which will help to enjoy the garden experience throughout the year) and 2 external courts in the front and rear inspired from traditional houses. Shifting direction was chosen based on 2 aspects; Cultural, privacy obscuring the south side neighbors view & Environmental, creating more natural ventilation & providing needed shade to the front yard.
Design Challenges
-To create a quality living experience and redefine the image of a residential building in Kuwait while maintaining the climate requirements and privacy needs dictated by the Arab culture, were the main design challenges. -The client requested several separate entrances with a high solid boundary wall where the plot is only accessible from the front. -Based on the data collection the Architectural design direction is a mixture of Modern/Luxury design with traditional accents using natural materials. -Height limitation, Setbacks & maximum Built up area was dictated by Kuwait Architecture Regulations.
Production Technology
-Main Structure: Concrete -Main Architectural Finishes: Honed Silver Travertine Stone, Black Steel, Off White Stucco, Desaturated Brown Stucco, Matt Walnut Wood, Double Glazed Glass
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