Linear Flora (Lantern Installation) by Ray Teng Pai
2018 - 2019, Golden A' Lighting Products and Lighting Projects Design Award Winner
Inspired by plant morphology and mathematic nature of the flower bougainvillea, the flower of Pingtung County, Linear Flora is rooted with the number sequence of the plant growth. Apart from the three bougainvillea petals seen from below the artwork, variations and the multiples of number three could be spotted in different aspects, perfectly respond to bougainvillea, when each cluster of three is surrounded by three or six bracts.
The Taiwan Lantern Festival is an annual event hosted by the Tourism Bureau of Taiwan. To celebrate the 30th anniversary of the Taiwan Lantern Festival, Lighting design artist Ray Teng Pai was invited by Cultural Affairs Department of Pingtung County to create an unconventional lantern sending a message of transforming the heritage of the festival and connecting it with the future.
Design Challenges
We like to hang the flora body by minimal material, thus used cable and steel to developed a suspension system. And this is very challenging to make the entire LED bars to light up due to the fact that there are very small space for electric wiring in the linear structure.
Production Technology
The body of Linear Flora is consist of 396 tubes of aluminium, which are three essential parts belongs to Ray Teng Pai's earlier mass produced work "Linear Task Light". The team used the cable-suspension system and three steel pillars to hang the Flora body, and complex electrical wiring to illuminate the color changing LED lights.
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