Fastback (Electric Guitar) by David Flores Loredo
2018 - 2019, Golden A' Musical Instruments Design Award Winner
The design of the main electric guitar icons design has remained almost unaltered since the 50s. This guitar features an alternative based on a new design language greatly inspired by the shapes of a Ferrari. Form and function united in a lightweight and balanced body sculpted through elegant lines and athletic shapes with sense of flow and speed. An expression of the passion through colour and shape, a new concept projected to the future without loosing its classical roots.
New concept with sculpted shapes greatly inspired by sport cars design language. Ergonomic, lightweight and comfortable to play, it is innovative enough to reach new horizons and conservative enough to be welcomed by the varied tastes of guitarists around the world. It features a powerful and versatile sound born from its handcrafted B&B Classic 61 pickups and a skillful manufacturing with a careful selection of woods and components. Designed for a medium production at reasonable cost.
Design Challenges
The global taste of the electric guitar world is quite conservative so the first challenge was to reach new horizons with a really new, attractive and lightweight design but taking always care of maintaining it behind the "Most Advanced Yet Acceptable line". The next challenge was a hard and long CAD surface modelling work with lots of concept variations to develop its complex surfaces and all the engineering details, which was followed by a careful cnc and handmade manufacturing process.
Production Technology
The design started from concept sketches on a blank paper and continued with Photoshop, Autodesk Alias CAD surface modeling, rendering and body milling with a cnc machine. Some little parts have been also cut and engraved with laser machine. Finally it has been manually sanded, painted, polished, assembled and adjusted.
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