Koron (Sofa) by Hamid Packseresht
2018 - 2019, Golden A' Furniture, Decorative Items and Homeware Design Award Winner
A plethora of appealing designs and forms pass our looks throughout our daily lives as to our geographical locations, however, in the eyes of an industrial designer, each of them is a rich source of inspiration. Due to the vast climatic diversity and grand history of Iranians, we possess a rich background in these resources, one of which is the original Iranian instrument, is Taar.
Researching on approximately 90 percent of Iranian instruments, and analyzing their forms, specifically Taar this time, we have achieved interesting results in furniture design. Of course, it's worth mentioning that we've created a bridge between these appealing, eye-catching, and nostalgic forms, holding both modern and postmodern approaches towards furniture design.
Design Challenges
Designing premium sofa inspired by an old persian music instrument, TAAR.
Production Technology
Construction method This product, due to the organic form of the body, can be made through a foam injection method to a metal casing ... The skeleton is made with metal profiles, and in order to fill the skeleton, several formwork molds of the body are molded and then the foam is injected. After the formation of the strucker, a sheet of woven viscose fiber is placed on it. The sitting spot of this sofa is cut by a sponge-layer of polyurethane or the hot foam, and so cut out and coated to the body. The final coating is then coated at the final stage with the sitting spot and the backrest of the body at the same time. The whole form can be covered with wood. The treatment can be made of leather or fabric.
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