Reading Goethes Faust (Modular Book) by Tatjana Medvedev
2018 - 2019, Golden A' Print and Published Media Design Award Winner
We are living in a time of information overload. The consequence hereby is, that the technology around us is permanently changing, by giving us faster and more efficient access to information. So is our reading behavior – it changes along with it. There are voices arising which see in this scenario a basis for a possible destruction of our language and our thinking. This projects attempt was to take a closer look on this theory by asking: could this change also be an evolution of our thinking.
This project is a typographical redesign of Goethes Faust amid the reading development. By visualizing various reading methods in one book without changing the wording or adding images, this project tries to facilitate access to a more demanding way of reading. Knowing that we nowadays mainly retrieve information in a quick way, in the form of emails or WhatsApp messages, the question arises if our information reception is still the same as in the past or if it's even improved or worsened.
Design Challenges
The creative challenge has been to maintain the text and wording of this great masterpiece on the one side and developing a new visual and typographical interpretation of it on the other side. From the technical point of view the book object itself proved to be a great challenge, beginning with the Leporello system and ending with the cover design, which is a processing visualization of each individual booklet content.
Production Technology
The book object is a modular booklet system, which consists of 10 parts / booklets (each representing an own reading method). All the 10 booklets can interlock together resulting into a Leporello. In order to make the book object more stable there is a wooden slipcase with a graved F initial in it, which reveals the contents by looking though it.
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